Welcome to Skipper Academy

Skipper Academy offers you the exclusive opportunity to work as a skipper for our partners The Yacht Week and Yachts and Friends. If you successfully complete our course we guarantee summer work for a minimum of six weeks! Join now and become part of our skipper family.

What is Skipper Academy?

Skipper Academy educates skippers and hostesses, teaching them the necessary skills and qualifications for work with one of our partners.

After passing the course, work is guaranteed for the summer season. Skippers will receive remuneration of up to €600 per week and hostess €300 per week.

Where will I work?

Skippers and hostesses working through Skipper Academy can be hired by any of our partners, including The Yacht Week and Yachts and Friends.

The Yacht Week

Working as a skipper or hostess for The Yacht Week is one of the best jobs out there. Skippers will be sailing, partying and enjoying a never-ending summer with people from over 60 different countries. If you think the trailer is exciting, wait until you experience it for yourself!

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Yachts and Friends

With Yachts and Friends there's no set route. It’s up to the skipper and crew to set the course, allowing them to have the freedom to sail wherever they want. Skippers and hostesses will get the chance to discover islands outside of The Yacht Week route at their own pace, with no stress of harbours filling up early.

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We want you!

We guarantee work for a minimum of 6 weeks for everyone who passes our academy and meets the minimum requirements. You will also receive a highly competitive remuneration, with the potential to earn up to €600 a week for skippers and €300 for hostesses!

You only have to do the Skipper Academy once and when you have passed you are welcome to come back for as many seasons as you like.

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Minimum requirements for skippers are:

*You can attend Skipper Academy before your Yachtmaster exam.

Minimum requirements for hostesses are:

  • Very service minded
  • Previous cooking experience
  • Fluent in English
Requirements in detail

Four Courses

Everyone can become a skipper or a hostess. We offer courses that cater to different levels of experience.

Skipper Academy

Are you a passionate sailor who is RYA Yachtmaster certified? Do you want to become a professional skipper?

Skipper Academy

RYA Yachtmaster

For all skippers who have completed Skipper Academy, don’t stop there! Take the RYA Yachtmaster exam through one of our partner schools.

RYA Yachtmaster

Hostess Academy

If you are all about service and want to give your guests on board the perfect vacation, join the Hostess Academy and be guaranteed work.

Hostess Academy

Zero to Hero

New to sailing but eager to learn? Zero to Hero offers a five week hands-on course that begins in France and ends in Croatia.

Zero to Hero