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What is Skipper Academy?

We prep skippers and hostesses for their dream jobs in the yachting industry. Taking their skills to the next level for the opportunity to work with some of the biggest flotilla events and charter companies around the world. If you successfully complete our course we guarantee summer work.

Three Courses

Everyone can become a skipper or a hostess, so we offer courses that cater to different levels of experience.

Skipper Academy

Skipper and Hostess students on a yacht

Are you a passionate sailor who is looking for the ultimate summer opportunity? Do you want to become a professional skipper?

Skipper Academy

Hostess Academy

Girl cooking food in a yacht

If you have a passion for cooking and want to spend the summer on board a yacht, join the Hostess Academy now.

Hostess Academy

Academy Prep Course

Skipper and Hostess studens planing a route

You have the basic skills but need more experience? This is an intensive course over 4 weeks, covering 2000 nautical miles around the Croatian islands.

Academy Prep Course

Where will I work?

Skipper Academy - Where will I work?
British Virgin Islands

Exclusive Partners

Working as a skipper or hostess for The Yacht Week is one of the best jobs out there. Skippers will be sailing and enjoying a never-ending summer with people from over 60 different countries. If you think the trailer is exciting, wait until you experience it for yourself! Learn more...

With Yachts and Friends there's no set route. It’s up to the skipper and crew to set the course, allowing them to have the freedom to sail wherever they want. Skippers and hostesses will discover islands at their own pace, with no stress of harbours filling up early. Leran more...

Bang For Your Buck

Skippers on a railing

With the potential to earn up to €500 a week for skippers and €350 for hostesses, you can easily pay off the course is under two weeks of work.

You only have to do Skipper Academy once and there will be an endless amount of opportunities for years to come.

Hell Yeah, I’m In

Minimum Requirements

Fleet of yachts sailing together



  • Pass Hostess Academy
  • Very service minded
  • Previous professional cooking experience
  • Fluent in English

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