Skipper Academy

Complete the Skipper Academy course and get ready for the best summer of your life!

Experience of a lifetime

Skipper Academy is a ten-day course that teaches experienced sailors the necessary skills to become a professional skipper. All new skippers are required to pass Skipper Academy in order to work with the most exclusive companies in the business.

Course Summary

Skipper Academy focuses on what it takes to become a professional skipper.

The practical part of the academy will focus on close quarter maneuvering in ports and marinas used by many of our partners, logistics of rafting 50+ boats together, circle raft procedure from the first skippers to ever do it, caught anchors, local weather and much more.

The academy will also educate you about professional qualities of becoming a skipper, such as insurance, contracts, invoicing, crew management, roles and responsibilities and various other aspects that differentiate a sailor from a Skipper.

A typical day


British Virgin Islands
Week 10 (28th Feb – 7th March) $1,050
Week 16 (9th April – 18th April) 2015 €690
Week 17 (16th April – 25th April) 2015 €750
Week 18 (23rd April– 2nd May) 2015 €850
Week 19 (30th April – 9th May) 2015 €850
Week 20 (7th May – 16th May) 2015 €900
Week 21 (14th May – 23rd May) 2015 €900
Week 39 (24th Sep – 3rd Oct) 2015 €850
Week 40 (1st Oct – 10th Oct) 2015 €850

Pay off the course cost in just two weeks of work!

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Additional costs


Transfer to the marina

The rest is covered, you'll even get Skipper Academy gear!

Requirements to work as a skipper

To be able to work for our partners you are required to have the following experience and licenses.

Additional courses

RYA Yachtmaster

If you do not already have a RYA Yachtmaster certificate then you can get yours with one of our partner schools.
A Yachtmaster qualification is globally recognised standard of sailing and will allow you to explore more destinations with our partners.

RYA Yachtmaster

Academy Prep Course

For the sailing novice.This is an intensive course covering over 1500 nautical miles around the majority of the Greek Islands. It is very hands-on and will quickly teach participants how to become a professional skipper. Some experience will help.

Academy Prep Course

A typical day as a professional skipper

09:00 Waking up, breakfast and cleaning of the cock-pit and deck.
10:00 Plan the sailing route for the day with a nice stop for lunch and swimming before heading to the destination for the night.
10:30 Crew briefing about the plans for the day.
11:00 Depart for sailing.
13:00 Stop in a natural bay for lunch and a swim (needed during a hot day of sunny weather).
16:00 Moor and secure the yacht for the night.
16:05 Enjoy an afternoon swim.
17:00 Take a walk to show your crew the local village or go for a small hike to find a good view over the bay.
19:00 Dinner.
21:00 Spend the night together with your crew or new friends made during the day.

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If you have more questions about the life of a skipper, please email info@skipperacademy.com.

How to apply?

  1. Once you have your accepted licence apply to Skipper Academy.
  2. Our Skipper Manager will review your application and confirm your spot on the course.
  3. Pass the 10 day intensive Skipper Academy.
  4. You're guaranteed work for the summer and our Skipper Manager will be in touch to confirm your weeks.
  5. Book your flights to where you have been assigned work and you're all set.

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