Skipper Academy

It pays to see the world

Skipper Academy is a ten-day course that teaches experienced sailors the necessary skills to become a professional skipper. All new skippers are required to pass Skipper Academy in order to work with the most exclusive companies in the business.

Path to Glory

1. Experience


Experienced skipper? Then move on to step two. Never sailed before but think this is the best job in the world? Gain the very best experience via the Skipper Prep Course, click below to find out more

2. Licence


Click here to see the full list of accepted licences. Have one? Don’t have one? Click below to see our partner training schools who will be able to help you.

3. Profile


Login to your staff profile and upload all your information including copy of your current licence and passport.

4. Pass


Apply and see the available course dates Once all steps have been completed Quarterdeck will assign you to endless global opportunities at sea.


Week 15 (FULL) (14th April – 23rd April) 2016 €695
Week 16 (FULL) (21th April – 30th April) 2016 €750
Week 17 (FULL) (28th April– 7th May) 2016 €795
Week 18 (FULL) (5th May – 14th May) 2016 €850
Week 19 (FULL) (12th May – 21st May) 2016 €895
Week 20 (FULL) (19th May – 28th May) 2016 €950
Week 40 (6th October – 15th October) 2016 €850

Pay off the course cost in just two weeks of work!

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Whats Included

  • Food & drinks

  • Course materials

  • Professional instructions

Additional Costs

  • Flight

  • Transfer to the marina

  • First 2 nights accomodation

Course Summary

Skipper Academy focuses on what it takes to become a professional skipper.

The practical part of the academy will focus on close quarter maneuvering in ports and marinas used by many of our partners, logistics of rafting 50+ boats together, circle raft procedure from the first skippers to ever do it, caught anchors, local weather and much more.

The academy will also educate you about professional qualities of becoming a skipper, such as insurance, contracts, invoicing, leadership, crew management, roles and responsibilities and various other aspects that differentiate a sailor from a Skipper.

A typical day